Aimee Eudy <br />Portfolio Manager
Aimee Eudy
Portfolio Manager

With the increasing inter-connectedness of global economies, fixed income investing has become much more complex and dynamic.  It is our job to help our clients navigate through the turmoil and noise with solid fundamental credit research and prudent risk management.

Fixed Income Investing

Through active fixed income management and proprietary research, we seek competitive performance for your fixed income portfolio, consistent with your organization's objectives.

We employ a total rate of return, disciplined, relative value approach. Our objective is to provide long-term, consistent, superior returns through active portfolio management while achieving attractive risk/reward ratios.

We offer investment opportunities within the following strategies:

Full Range Duration Fixed Income

This strategy takes advantage of the entire maturity spectrum. We focus on high-quality securities investing primarily in investment grade Corporate Bonds, Treasuries, Agencies, MBS, ABS, and CMBS. 

Intermediate Duration Fixed Income

This strategy focuses on maturities from 0-10 years. We invest in high-quality securities focusing on investment grade corporate bonds, Treasuries, Agencies, MBS, ABS, and CMBS.


High Yield Fixed Income

Investments in below investment grade fixed income securities for current income and capital appreciation potential.


Specialty Investment Departments


Socially Responsive Investing

Our Socially Responsive Investing Department helps your organization align its fixed income investments with its mission by applying socially responsible guidelines to our fixed income investment strategies.  The Department identify companies that meet your organization's specific social guidelines and our criteria for quality.  Learn more about Socially Responsive Investing.

All investments involve risk and there is no guarantee investment objectives will be met. 

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