Scott Pierce <br />Head of Fixed Income
Scott Pierce
Head of Fixed Income

In an investment climate characterized by heightened volatility, we aim to manage risk and maximize after-tax returns by focusing on bonds of high quality and conservative duration.

Fixed Income Investing

Through active fixed income management and proprietary research, we seek competitive performance for your fixed income portfolio, consistent with your objectives.

We offer investment opportunities within the following strategies:

Tax-Exempt Fixed Income

We actively manage tax-exempt municipal securities, customized to your state of residence. While there is no maturity limitation on individual securities, a portfolio's average effective duration is not expected to exceed 7 years.

High Yield Fixed Income

Investments in below investment grade fixed income securities for current income and capital appreciation potential.

All investments involve risk and there is no guarantee investment objectives will be met.

Baltimore, MD

100 International Drive
5th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
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Cincinnati, OH

600 Vine Street
Suite 2000
Cincinnati, OH 45202
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New York, NY

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9th Floor
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Philadelphia, PA

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Philadelphia, PA 19103
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